Our Books

Out now as an e-book and in paperback


Broken Faces by Deborah Carr

Blurb: Broken Faces is a story of the kind of hallowed privilege that believed life was always going to be golden, it is the story of two young men in love with the same woman and of thousands of broken men who returned from the Front with masks over their faces to hide the irreparable damage. These men were expected to live a “normal” life. Spanning the 1914-18 war it is ultimately a story of how love can triumph over adversity in the most unexpected of ways.

Broken Faces was a runner up to the Good Housekeeping first novel Award and won a special commendation in the Harry Bowling prize.

Available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com as an e-book and in paperback.

Contemporary Romance:

Summer Sundaes: Escape to the seaside with the perfect summer read! (The Boardwalk by the Sea, Book 1)

Four friends, each with their home and business on the boardwalk by the sea, and all with issues that are causing them problems.

A four-book series about the inhabitants of the village known locally as, The Boardwalk by the Sea. For a small community, there’s rather a lot of intrigue and rivalry, as well as a mystery no one seems to be able to solve. With sexy heroes and determined, independent women, the drama is about to begin…

Wipe off your flip flops, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Psychological Thriller:

Pilar by Ella Drummond – cover reveal coming soon


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